Spotify vs. Apple Music – Which one is Best?

Spotify vs Apple Music

Spotify and Apple Music are well-known music apps in Music streaming. Both have brought music streaming to the next level with their high-quality features. Spotify and Apple Music look the same, with innovative features like vast music libraries, playlists, and much more.

Spotify has a very fast mobile and Windows app, while Apple Music has just a mobile app. In this article, we will break down what differentiates them so you can ultimately decide the best solution to your music preferences. And in the end, you can easily choose between Spotify and Apple Music. So, without wasting your time, let’s dive in!

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Features Differences

Let’s find out the main differences between Spotify and Apple Music. So you can clearly understand which app is the ultimate harmony for your musical desire.

User Interface

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Spotify is known for its user-friendly, attractive, colorful user interface. That allows users to listen and discover what they want effortlessly. With millions of tracks, playlists, and numerous features, Spotify has beat every music streaming. On the other hand, Apple Music has an aesthetic music interface of white and black, like its products. It has radio stations and Apple Music Classical, a companion app if you love Classical Music. 


Spotify gives you personalization, a feature through which you can do many tasks to personalize the app. It has a personalization algorithm that can discern the music of different tastes and modes. You can select the music from Spotify’s personalized playlists, like Daily Mixes, Discover Mixe, Decade, Genre, and Mood Mixes, and customize it according to your playing history. The enhanced feature in personalization is that you can include or exclude any track or playlist from the Spotify algorithms.

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Moreover, Spotify also offers a new DJ feature. This DJ feature uses an AI voice that works with your playlist history and Spotify recommendations. This AI DJ plays the music you usually listen to and your personal playlist history. It creates new tracks by mixing your favorite tracks. Spotify is a great tool for background music as you go about your daily tasks.

On the other hand, Apple Music doesn’t have any personalized features. Apple Music has a vast library of old and new music tracks, but you can’t find any awesome personalized feature like Spotify.

Sound Quality

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Sound Quality matters a lot in listening to music. Spotify and Apple Music have impressive sound quality, but their services differ. Spotify works with Ogg Vorbis format, allowing listeners to adapt their preferred streaming. Its highest audio streaming quality is 320kbps. However, there is also an option for low streaming. Apple Music has better audio files with 24-bit/192 kHz, which is impressive. But you need high-quality wired headphones or speakers to listen to these hi-streaming tracks on your Apple products.

Network Effects

The next feature we are discussing is network effects. Spotify has a more vast network user base than any other music server.

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So, sharing or creating a musical playlist with your friends and family is much easier than before. At the end of the year, Spotify gives you the most awaited Spotify Rap. This rap shows you the music you often like to listen to and also shares with your friends so you can relish the year that has gone with sweet memories.
Apple Music also tries to copy this feature of Spotify by giving the year’s recap. It gives you a recap playlist of your favorite tracks at the end of the year.

Connect and Availability

Spotify has the amazing feature of Connect. You can play and listen to music on Android, Apple with Spotify Plus, computers, smart TVs, speakers, and any available device with Spotify Connect. Using its app on any device, you can also control what you want to listen to. You can also link all the music devices to your Spotify account and control the music like a remote control with its app. You can find no other match, as Spotify gives you the connect feature.
Apple Music also allows you to connect and play to the other Apple devices in your home. But it is limited to Apple devices.

Superior Like System

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Spotify also has another exciting feature of liking a track system. When you like a song with the prominent heart icon on Spotify, you train its UI system. The UI system of Spotify identifies your favorite tracks and automatically adds them to your playlist. You don’t need to search for this song next time.
In Apple, if you play and like a song, you must manually add it to your music library as a favorite. 

 Pricing Plans

Both Spotify and Apple have similar Windows and Mac apps. You can go to Spotify for free unlimited music. However, the free tier has some limitations, and it contains ads. Spotify offers individual, family, and student subscription plans. Its prices are quite competitive, with $10.99 per month for standard, $14.99 per month for duo, and  $16.99 for family plan.   In the U.S., Spotify has a Hulu student subscription plan for $5.99(contains ads). In every subscription plan, you can eliminate ads and unlock high and offline streaming.

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Apple Music does not have any free tier. The first cheapest plan starts from $4.99 per month with limitations, the standard plan with pricing of $10.99 per month, and the family plan for $ 16.99 per month. Student plan with the pricing of $5.99 per month with Apple TV +.

Spotify vs. Apple Music Wrap-Up

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The discussion ends with whether you choose Spotify or Apple Music; it all depends on your music preferences. Both music platforms offer unlimited and quality music and exceptional features. Apple Music is the best choice if you usually use Apple products and are an Apple lover. But if you need a music app with a vast music playlist library that works on your preferences and is available vastly on every device, Spotify is the best match. 

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