Spotify vs YouTube | Music Streaming Showdown

Spotify vs YouTube music

Are you confused between Spotify and YouTube music? It might not be easy to decide which one to go for listening to music as both the apps are good and have a massive user base. Which factors should you consider while selecting an audio streaming platform?

Spotify is at the top when it comes to audio streaming platforms, but how can you ignore YouTube music?. I was confused about picking one for me, so I decided to deeply analyze both apps and finally reached a conclusion. In this blog post, I will compare Spotify vs YouTube and ease your decision-making.

Characteristics Of Spotify Vs YouTube Music

Here are the main characteristics of Spotify and YouTube Music and how they stand against each other.

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Price & Plans

When comparing the prices of both apps, there is little difference. But with a closer look, Spotify offers much more than YouTube music at relatively lower prices. Spotify and YouTube plans for a single person are almost similar; you will have to pay $10 for a monthly subscription and $99 for an annual subscription.

Spotify offers a Duo plan, whereas YouTube Music does not offer this plan. Both Spotify and YouTube Music offer student plans at $4.99. However, Spotify’s family plan is one dollar cheaper and entertains 6 people, whereas YouTube music entertains 5 people. 

SpotifyYouTube Music
Starting PriceFreeFree
Price for offline mode, no ads$9.99 Per Month$9.99 Per Month
Duo PlanN/A$12.99 Per Month
Family Plan$14.99 Per Month$15.99 Per Month
Student Plan$4.99 Per Month$4.99 Per Month
Annual Plan$99 (Individual)$99

Save your payment methods for buying subscriptions later on. You can change payment methods on Spotify and You want.

Spotify vs YouTube Music: Content

Both of these streaming platforms are known for their content richness. You can find any of your favorite artists on these platforms. However, Spotify is better at providing music along with a podcast feature. In contrast, YouTube music does not have podcasts on the platform.

YouTube music offers the facility of video along with music, whereas Spotify has videos only for a few limited songs. So, if you are a podcast lover, Spotify is perfect for you, and if you prefer watching videos along with music, go for YouTube music.

SpotifyYouTube Music
Coding StandardsACCACC and OPUS
Low-Quality Mode24 Kbps Bitrate48 Kbps Bitrate
Normal Quality Mode96 Kbps Bitrate128 Kbps Bitrate
High-Quality Mode160 Kbps Bitrate256 Kbps Bitrate

Audio Quality

Audio quality is something most users want to know before settling for any platform, and rightly so. Spotify has higher bitrates but only for the premium version, whereas YouTube music has higher bitrates across the board. Let’s compare the audio quality of both platforms, and you can choose the one more suitable.

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Music Discovery

Music discovery is something that attracts most users to an audio streaming platform. Both Spotify and YouTube music offer great music discovery features through their AI algorithms that suggest the users with new songs benefit both the user and the artist. 

The algorithm works according to specific user likes. Spotify suggests new songs to users through the ‘Fans Also Like’ option, and YouTube music does so through its ‘Fans Might Also Like’ option. Overall, Spotify is way ahead of YouTube music in terms of music discovery, making it the most used audio streaming platform.

Ease of Access

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If you want to listen to music on a platform that is easily accessible, both Spotify and YouTube music are options. Both the apps have apps for Android and Apple devices and also have web versions of the apps.

Moreover, you can listen to music on YouTube music without logging in to your account. You can go to and to your favorite music by skipping an ad. You can also use your Gmail account to log in to YouTube music like any other Google service.

User Interface

If an app has all the great features but doesn’t look good to the eyes, nobody will prefer using it. Keeping this in view, both Spotify and YouTube offer a great dark-themed interface that is attractive to the user’s eyes.

Spotify is better in comparison, as its features are easily navigable. Also, Spotify allows you to reorganize your playlist by easily dragging and dropping them. Meanwhile, YouTube has better download filters and shows more relevant search results. Overall, Spotify has a better and easier User interface.

Additional Features

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  • Both YouTube music and Spotify show the lyrics of the song.
  • Spotify shows insights into the song you are playing, whereas YouTube music lacks this feature.
  • You can import local songs on both apps, but it is relatively easier on YouTube music.
  • Spotify allows you to play songs in the background with the free version, but YouTube does not allow that.
  • You can easily connect Spotify and YouTube music to Alexa.

Which One Should You Go For?

The decision is all yours, and it should be easier now after reading an in-depth comparison of Spotify vs YouTube music. Both apps have their unique features. I prefer using Spotify over YouTube music as I keep engaging with other apps while playing music in the background.

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Spotify vs YouTube is a never-ending debate among music lovers. I played my role in settling the discussion in this detailed blog post. For more insights, you can try both apps and choose the one you feel is more suitable. However, Spotify, with its bug tracker and other unique features, has more users than YouTube Music.

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