Spotify vs Amazon Music | An Honest Comparison

If you are a music streaming lover, then you must know Spotify. Spotify is the biggest music streaming app, with access to Spotify podcasts and millions of audio and video songs by music creators worldwide. It is one of the best music-streaming apps, with millions of followers increasing daily. In the music streaming industry, many apps are emerging to beat Spotify.

Amazon Music is similar to Spotify, with vast music libraries, HD audio songs, podcasts, and more. Amazon has two types of music services: one is Amazon Prime for premium Amazon members, and the other is Amazon Music. This article will compare Spotify with Amazon Music. So you can easily choose the app according to your music preferences. So, let’s begin! 

Spotify vs Amazon Music Features Contrast 

When selecting a music streaming app, most users look for the song’s collection and features. Both Spotify and Amazon Music have unique features and a vast music collection. For your convenience, let’s compare the features of Spotify with Amazon Music and their differences. 

Music Quality

Music quality is the first thing we notice when we listen to music. Spotify offers high-quality music services with automatic, low, normal, high, and very high options. So you can choose music streaming from low to very high according to your musical desires.

Amazon Music also offers tracks with high sound quality, like HD songs to beat Spotify, but has no settings to low or high the music quality.

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Layout and Design

Spotify is a well-known app for its user-friendly and attractive interface. The users can easily navigate to play their favorite songs or find new tracks across different genres and moods. You can easily create a library of your favorite songs and share them with friends and family.

Amazon is a new music streaming app with a simple interface and fewer features than Spotify. If you like Amazon’s design, you will like Amazon Music interface. It is mostly like Amazon.  


Music library is a very important feature of Spotify. It has a huge library where you can find daily podcasts, recently played songs, tracks that you give likes, albums, artists, and local files. Spotify tries to cover all the needs of a music enthusiast.

On the other hand, Amazon Music is a simple music streaming app with just a huge playlist of songs.


In the browse section of Spotify, you can find more attractive options for a track according to different moods and genres. You can also enjoy podcasts, charts, new release tracks, live and upcoming concerts of your favorite music creators, and discover your favorite tracks. Every section has some more sections. If you click Mood and Genres, you can find millions of songs of different moods like party, sad, happy, and much more. 

In Amazon, there is no browsing option when you switch to Amazon. You find a simple interface with millions of HD tracks. It shows you similar songs based on your past music history.


In Spotify, the playlist section is a huge section with many features. You can find a private playlist with various songs, a public one, and much more. Spotify has also introduced a new feature in the playlist that allows you to create a new playlist, grow it, and easily share it with friends and family.

Amazon Music has many tracks, 100 million songs, and millions of ultra HD. But if you want to choose a song from the playlist, subscribe to Amazon Prime, which offers 15-All Access Playlists. You can also create a new playlist and save it. 

Price Plans

Spotify has three pricing plans: an Individual starts from $9.99 per month, a Family plan for $14.99 per month, and a Student plan with the lowest rate of $4.99 per month if you are a student. You can also enjoy free music streaming with Spotify’s free version, but it has some limitations.

Like Spotify, Amazon Music pricing also starts from $9.99 and has student, family, and individual pricing plans. Amazon Music offers a discount for the prime members. Prime members can get the subscription for $7.99 with the two $ discount.


The most important thing is the availability of the app on different devices. Spotify is available on almost all devices like Android phones, Windows, Android TVs, Speakers, iPhones, and more. You can run the app on one or two devices simultaneously. Offline listening is also available with Spotify subscription plans.

You can listen to Amazon Music on all Android phones, Smart TVs, tablets, PCs, or Macs and with Alexa-attached echo devices.

Spotify Aditional Features

Spotify is not just a music desire. It is the ultimate solution to soothe your musical cravings. Let’s talk about it’s some more unique features:

  • Spotify makes it possible to share your favorite songs with your loved ones. You can share or listen to your favorite songs with friends or family your favorite songs and double the joy.
  • Another exciting feature is connecting your Spotify to Alexa. You just need to ask Alexa to play a song.
  • With Spotify, you can also enjoy music in autoplay mode. In this mode, you discover new and playback songs along with your work day.
  • In the vast library of Spotify, there is a section made for you where you can listen to your daily podcasts and the podcasts you miss.
  • Spotify algorithms work on a person’s preferences. It shows you new music, artists, and albums according to your past played song preference.
  • Spotify is also a great platform for music artists to grow their fan following. It gives artists a separate profile where they can share their new releases and about and link their Spotify account to their social accounts like Instagram.
  • In the concert section, you can see upcoming concerts of your favorite music artists and never miss anyone.


In our honest opinion, in the discussion of the comparison of  Spotify with Amazon Music, the winner is Spotify. Spotify gives music lovers a lot of new content and amazing features that we are looking for in music streaming. If you are an Amazon Prime member and don’t care for new music stuff and the cool features for music streaming, then you prefer Amazon Music. Otherwise, Spotify is now leading all the Music streams. 

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